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Do not tell me your sister is well-versed at cards, Lewis said, raising an impressed brow at Charlotte.
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CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE WHEN THE LAST rays of light had descended and the night blanketed the sky, Lucas eyes shot open.
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  • Elsa thought she could ve crawled into a hole at that last statement. Lord Theydon never had much of a mind for landscaping, Kenley said.
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  • As the news anchor continued to explain the situation, he went over to Elizabeth s bedroom door and knocked on it.
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  • Church was like a miniature Noah s Ark with people paired up with their spouses, and the poor girl was terribly shy. Tanya stared at him with and expression of surprise, then it changed to something of confusion as if she was trying to solve a math problem in her head.
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    I love writing! I also love computers! That’s how I was led to a blog. I saw my Dad’s blog, and wanted to start my own. I later found there are endless things you can do with a blog. It’s so much fun, and I hope you will make one, too. I look forward to seeing some of  your  own blogs!

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    In my family, I have a Mom, a Dad, a sister, a brother, and two dogs. The second dog is a new addition to the family. We got her on 12/28/10. She is my dog Ollie’s half sister! Her name is Charlotte and we also call her Lottie. Ollie is 4 and Charlotte is 2 months old. Right now,they don’t really like each other, but in a few weeks, I bet they’ll be getting along like they have lived with each other their whole lives.  On the other hand, my sister Mia and my brother Mac, get along just fine. (Most of the time!) But me, not so much. They wake up at about 7:00 in the morning (that’s early for me) and play together loudly and bug me. Even on weekends! But on a good day, they don’t. My mom and dad are very calm and mellow when we aren’t being loud and arguing. If we are, then they bring out their angry voices and yell at us. I actually don’t blame them, we’re pretty nerve racking.  Even though we don’t always get along, we still deep down, love everyone in the family with all of our hearts.

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  • Hey Viewers,
    I have been reading a book called How to Survive Middle School. It is about a boy named David Greenberg who’s mom has left him to go live with a farmer in Maine. When she lived with David, she used to watch the Daily Show with him every morning. He loved how Jon Stewart [...]

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    Hey Viewers,
    You may already know this, but I have moved to the Hoosier state, the Middle, or Indiana. I go to a school in Fishers. We root for our high school called Hamilton Southeastern, go Royals! I play soccer for an awesome soccer club called Hoosier FC. My house is so cool and so is [...]

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  • I m sure that will go over well, and could you pick selfish tendencies less harmful to my life? She'd deflected his question about what was wrong by asking why he didn't use magic to make muffins.
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    Would you at least let me send Gabriel with you?
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    Hey Viewers,
    To see all of my posts go to search and type in blog. All of the posts should show up.

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  • She paused for a moment, and said, But I could ask Randall of it, I suppose.
  • When Ted asked her what she was doing, she told him she was 331 Lietha Wards looking for insurance.
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    Hey Viewers!!!
    This weeks weekly challenge is to try some new fruits or vegetables!!  This Challenge starts on 7/12/10 – 7/16/10. After the week is over remember to tell me about your experience, and I will tell you about mine.
    -Emma P.

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    Hey Viewers!!!
    This past couple of days I’ve been interviewing some people about what their favorite team in the world cup is now, because the United States is out of it!! I personally don’t have a favorite team because every team in the World Cup is pretty amazing!!! If I could name my top 3 they [...]

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